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LINT is a lipidomic data processing website aims to provide users a friendly pipeline for statistical analyses and lipidomic data mining. LINT can take various types of "omic" datasets, and integrate multi-omics for data mining. Construction of multi-omic networks can readily accomplish on the LINT. We release the first version of LINT, and more functions and features are on the way...


This project welcomes all questions and comments regarding the lipidomic data analysis.

Please, send your questions, comments or suggestions to: lintwebomic_service@outlook.com.


Thank you for visiting this website. This dose not gather personal information about users. Information automatically collected in server log files, such as pages visited, will solely be used to improve the usefulness of the website, and not for any commercial purposes.

User Manual

The user manual shows what LINT can do and the way you use it in deatils. Click User Manual of LINT.pdf to get the Manual.

Preview of user manual is shown below